Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dick Bourgeois-Doyle skewering and celebrating Canadian politics and history

You can listen to the full interview here; thanks to CIUT FM for originally broadcasting the discussion.

Dick Bourgeois-Doyle started his career as a rock and roll DJ, before following a winding road leading to his current role as Director of Corporate Governance at the National Research Council. Perhaps it's this atypical trajectory that contributes to his outsider's perspective, and his keenness for exposing the absurdity in Canada's bureaucratic systems.

In this interview, he speaks about his book Il Principio, which is modelled after Machiavelli's The Prince, and The Most Strategic, Integrated & Aligned Servant of the Public Don Quincy de la Mangement, modelled after Don Quixote, both of which he situated in the Canadian Parliamentary system. The books are really funny, and a touch depressing, in their accurate depiction of Ottawa; hopefully you'll find the interview equally entertaining.

More of Dick's writing can be found on his blog:

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