Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paul Rosen, January 24, 2013

Please listen here.

Paul Rosen is a broadcaster, motivational speaker, and Paralympic gold medalist.

The Olympic Committee has offered several times to replace his medal's ribbon, but he's turned them down every time--he says the wear is just evidence of all it's been through. It's also a tidy metaphor for the challenges and accomplishments in his own history.

Over the course of this hour, Paul speaks candidly about losing his leg, about being the oldest rookie in the history of sledge hockey, and about how his own struggles with depression and illiteracy motivated him to work with groups helping prevent suicides, and improve adult literacy.

He also speaks about the NHL lockout and Lance Armstrong in this interview, though in light of all that's happened since it was recorded in November of 2012, he might have changed his mind on a few things.

Please listen here; hope you enjoy, and always eager to hear your thoughts.

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